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Processed bread is produced from the bread loaves etc produced daily at a number of bakeries. The product is put through a process to remove the wrappings and break it up into manageable pieces.

Typical Analysis

Moisture (%)                 35

Dry Matter(%)               65-70

Starch(%)                      70

Sugar                            3.95

Nutritional Analysis

                                             DRY MATTER          MEAL EQUIVALENT

DE(%).                                   15.8                          13.7                                 

ME.(%)                                   14.5                          12.6

CRUDE PROTEIN(%)            14.5                          12.6

OIL(%).                                   3.4                            3.0

CRUDEFIBRE (%)                  2.4                            2.1

ASH.                                      2.8                            2.4                                     

Feeding Recommendations

Milking cows – up to 5(typically 3)kg mixed with other feeds

Dry cows – up to 2(typically 1)kg

Replacement Heifers – up to 2kg and up to 30% of DMI

Calves – up to 1.5kg and up to 25% of DMI(Dry matter intake)

Growing cattle – up to 3kg and up to 40% of DMI

Finishing Cattle – up to 5kg and up to 50% of DMI Suckler cows – up to 3(typically1)kg

Ewes and Rams – up to 1(typically 0.5)kg

Hoggets and Lambs – up to 0.75 per head or up to 40% of DMI

Ensure adequate long fibre such as silage or straw

Introduce gradually

Do not feed ad lib

Store in a cool dry place



Use in pigs in growing and breeding diets up to 50% of the total dry matter intake

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