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Grass Seed

We are one of the biggest suppliers of Barenbrug grass seedin Northern Ireland and we have a variety of different types to suit your needs


A long-term top class cutting mixture which will also produce quality grazing, using the top yielding varieties resulting in a flexible, dense, palatable clean sward.


  • Combi combines the benefits of high yields of quality mid May silage production, with excellent sward density and outstanding mid season digestibility for highly palatable grazing, thus creating a highly flexible ley.

  • Includes Dunluce, the highest yielding variety available, which combines yield with outstanding quality.

  • Ideal for those looking a mainly cutting ley to produce quality silage from a 3 cut system with first cut mid May or bigger bulks/lower quality 2 cut with the first cut early June.


A long-term intensive grazing mixture, with the option to take later cuts of quality silage. Produces season long grazing from early spring to late autumn.


  • Intensive production from grazing a highly palatable, very digestible ley

  • Permanent produces a dense leafy sward that is easily managed. The use of late heading varieties means that any topping can be kept to a minimum

  • Trials at Moore Park in Eire have shown that cows grazed on this type of ley will produce more milk

  • Ensign clover blend

Cut & Graze

A long-term, top class, highly flexible, dual purpose mixture with clover, which produces top quality forage suitable for cutting and grazing.



  • Top quality silage production with the option to graze

  • Long-term production from a highly persistent ley

  • Maximum production by using the top yielding varieties

  • Produces highly digestible forage from a late May-early June first cut

  • Cut and Graze produces highly palatable forage, thus creating a highly flexible ley

  • Includes Ensign White Clover for nitrogen fixation and increased protein content

These are our most popular ranges but we can tailor make to suit your requirements. All varieties are bread through Northern Ireland and we sell to all areas.

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